About Nayya Pizza & Grill


Originally founded in August 2014, with over 32 years of pizza-making experience behind it We have a passion for great food that is simply unparalleled. Nayya’s offers a huge selection of homestyle, gourmet and specialty pizzas that will put and end to your hunt for the perfect pizza. Aside from our amazing selection of Pizzas we also offer a large selection of delicious and healthy alternatives including unique salads, wraps, pitas, vegan and vegetarian options and much more.
Top Quality, Freshest Ingredients,  Amazing Pizza selection, Unique food for our Unique Times. Bon Appetit. welcome to Nayya.

What is Pictou county style pizza?
Pictou County-style pizza features a distinctive brown sauce which is very different from your traditional tomato based Pizza sauces.  Nayya’s has created its own one of a kind sauce with a secret blend of more than 15 Ingredients. This sauce is carefully prepared in process that takes more than 8 hours to complete. Our Pictou County style pizza must be tasted to be fully appreciated. Please stop by for a slice, we are confident you will not be dissapointed.